Merrez'ca Lovely Shimmer Make-Up Base

Product Code : MRZ-010

Harga : Rp 200.000,-

Berat : 200 Gram

Quantity :

Merrez'ca Lovely Shimmer Make-Up Base

Make-Up  Base with a natural light coverage, moist texture that controls uneven skin surface and dullness. This make-up base helps foundation adhere evenly to your skin and maintains the beauty of your foundation forhours. This particular make up base comes in 2 different colors-Green and Pink. Green make up bases are said to help with toning down any redness the skin might have, Whilst a Pinky make-up base disigned to be “Skin-Shinning” by helping your skin to lock clean, natural and moist. It’s also designed to help keep a protective barrier between your  skin and make up.

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